Iceland in the center of events

News | May 25, 2022

This year, the teams of our company in Iceland continue to successfully build new generation transmission lines.

We are currently implementing a very demanding and dynamic project in this area – the construction of a 220 kV Hólasandslína 3 transmission line that stretches from Akureyri to Holasandur in the northeast of this country.

Out of a total of 184 transmission line poles, as many as will be on the 60-kilometer route, our teams have so far installed 155 poles, and 134 poles have been erected. Teams in the field are currently performing electrical installation works, which have so far been completed at 19 kilometers, or about 30 percent, of the total transmission line route.

The Hólasandslína 3 transmission line route is extremely demanding and unpredictable, typically Icelandic, and includes valleys that are protected ecological and agricultural areas. Despite the recent melting of large amounts of snow, field work is progressing well.

“This year, we are facing a number of challenges in this field, we will perform electrical installation works that will cross part of the route over three rivers, two plateaus and one mountain. In one place, the span between the two poles will be an incredible 1,000 meters, and we will have a mission to connect the poles through it with a conductor, “said Borislav Novakovic, Elnos Group foreman in Iceland.

We remind you that the new generation transmission line poles are specially designed for the difficult weather conditions in the northern countries. These are tubular poles, up to 31 meters high, and each pole is so powerful and replaces the five existing wooden pillars erected more than 40 years ago.