„Invest Srpska” opens the door to a new business environment

News | June 18, 2021

Elnos Group successfully presented itself at the first investment conference “Invest Srpska”, a prestigious economic event organized to strengthen new investment strategies in Republika Srpska.

The mission of the conference, which gathers influential names of the economic and political life of the region, held from June 17th to 19th in Laktaši, is to share valuable experiences gained in the year marked by the Covid 19 pandemic. Also, it is important to create guidelines for the realization of new perspectives for the economic development of Republika Srpska.

Vice President of the Board of Elnos Group Branko Torbica, as one of the panelists in the panel discussion entitled “Challenges of business bringing in Republika Srpska”, used the opportunity to discuss current trends important for strengthening the dynamics of economic development of Republika Srpska.

“We are a concern with more than 600 employees, and we operate in 13 countries in the region and Europe. However, no matter how much we expand our business, the domestic market represents special importance to us. Through the joint work of government and economic entities, better solutions can certainly be reached in terms of creating better business perspectives in country”, said Torbica.

On this occasion, he pointed out that Elnos Group managed to respond to all challenges in 2020, both in the field of health care and in terms of implementation of all projects, and that the company is ready for new investments and new employment.

Together with Torbica in this panel participated: Zora Vidović, Minister of Finance in RS, Vjekoslav Petričević, Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship in RS, Pero Ćorić, director of the RS Chamber of Commerce and Saša Trivić, President of the RS Union of Employers.

This panel pointed out the current events and trends that follow the economy in Republika Srpska, in the context of the negative effects which this virus has caused on the overall socio-economic trends.

The conference is organized by the Investment and Development Bank of RS (IRB RS), as part of celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of this financial institution.