Major overhaul of TPP Ugljevik – new challenges on familiar ground

News | May 14, 2021

This spring, Elnos Group is part of the capital overhaul of TPP Ugljevik. Although this giant of Elektroprivreda RS is a field that is well known for our teams from before, this time we found ourselves in the middle of a new and dynamic mission.

Elnos teams have been assigned to replace 6 kV and 0.4 kV coal delivery plant, slag, and ash plants in the central Facility 64. The fact that the replacement of these plants has not been realized since the commissioning of the TPP Ugljevik 36 years ago, speaks about the importance of the project.

The works we perform are complex in technical and logistical terms too, and the accelerated dynamics of their realization are dictated by the short period defined for the project implementation. There is a lot of activity in the field currently, and in different stages of the project, we have hired 40 fitters and five engineers.

The complex project of replacing the 6 kV and 0.4 kV plants in Facility 64 is taking place in several stages.

The first phase includes the design and replacement of 6 kV plant with 34 cells in total, while the second involves the design and replacement of 0.4 kV cassette plants MCC (Motor Control Center) that supply key units necessary for the operation of the plant – coal, slag, and ash supply plants, as well as other facilities with great importance for the entire system.

Elnos expert teams are also in charge of designing and replacing protection and control cabinets in the mentioned plants. This replacement implies that the existing centralized management system is being replaced by a modern decentralized system manufactured at the “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute in Belgrade.

It is important to point out that our teams will lay more than 70 kilometers of command-signal cables necessary for the functioning of the complete system within this project.

Our teams are also involved in designing and replacing other smaller components such as tow rope and side turn switches on conveyor belts, adjusting and importing other 0.4 kV thermal power plant facility into the new management system, as well as designing and replacing AC and DC cabinets.