New shine of electricity distribution network RS

News | October 1, 2019

“Elnos BL“ teams intensively perform working tasks on modernization of LV and MV power networks in the municipality of Gradiška, while the works in three municipalities defined by contract just heat up.

In fact, in the past five months we have as part of an extensive process of modernization of the network in the area of ​​Gradiška completed all preparatory works and start the phase of replacing conductors and raising new towers to 20 kV transmission lines Podgradci-Kameleon, Podgradci-Baraji, Podgradci-Gradiška. Currently we perform also the preparatory works on the 20 kV transmission lines Topola-Berek and Topola-Laminci.

About the size of this project describes the fact that during its realization only in the area of ​​Gradiška, our teams set 2000 new concrete towers.

“It is important to note that this is the first project of this type at local site where at MV networks for replacing conductors we use towing machine. Thanks to its application we establish a very fast and efficient dynamic of the tasks completion in agricultural areas, which are particularly sensitive location for works, “said Nenad Marjanović, project manager Elnos Group.

The works of reconstruction of MV and LV network under the contract with “Elektrokrajina” will implemented over the next 2.5 years also in the municipalities of Prnjavor, Mrkonjić Grad and Kozarska Dubica.

With finalization of this project, will be made multiple better conditions for better power supply for thousands of users in the Republic of Srpska.