New tasks at the place of an old challenge in Sweden

News | July 30, 2020

New task in Sweden lead out teams to an old location, westward from the city of Ramsele, where we had performed comprehensive works of constructing new transmission lines in order to connect wind farms to electrical power network of this country six years ago. Today, we are at the same location performing the project of, which, mostly, is the extension of the former endeavor.

This time, our teams have to install conductors of the system for 2×130 kV transmission line Storfinnforsen-Ögonfägnaden and 2×130 kV transmission line Isbillstjärn-Ögonfägnaden, where we earlier performed the works of assembling and erecting posts, installation of condustors on one system, on its and another system.

Works are being performed while the first system is under charge, due to which they fall into the group of extremely high risk activities.

Within the project, we also perform a series of electrical mounting works on 130 kV transmission line Björkvattnet- Isbillstjärn, which we had not been engaged before.

All three transmission line routes, being parts of this project, are 30.4 kilometers long in total. Although project performance is aggravated by very inapproachable and partly swampy terrain, works are being performed in a good tempo.

Currently, our teams perform works on mounting phase conductors Al-59 774 mm2 and protective rope 319 mm2 in diameter, on 16 kilometers long route of transmission line Ögonfägnaden-Storfinnforsen.

So far, we have completed installation of phase conductors Al-59 593 mm2 and safety rope 319 mm2 in diameter on route Isbillstjärn-Ögonfägnaden, and we also completed activities for installation of conductor 910 mm2 in diameter, protective rope 241 mm2 and OPGW-a 241 mm2 on route Björkvattnet-Isbillstjärn, six kilometers long.

Our employees on this project are a team created from three resource Group centers: Banja Luka, Belgrade and Skoplje. At the moment, there are 25 of them on the field and they have all been trained to work in wind farm zones.

As a reminder, building wind farms in the area westward from Ramsele is one of the biggest industry investments in Sweden. New transmission lines, for whose construction we are engaged for, should provide connecting wind farms to the network of Swedish E.ON-a, this project Investor, at the end of the project.