Preparations for grand finale at the South of Sweden

News | June 25, 2021

Teams of the Elnos Group transmission lines division current perform assembly works and works on erecting new transmission line towers within project of constructing new 400 kV transmission line Hurva-Sege at the South of Sweden.

Current works are a part of comprehensive preparation phase of works and are preceding to the second stage of disconnecting old transmission line from the network scheduled for the end of August.

Works to be performed during two other phases are going to be more complex and good preparation is “already half a way” for them. Schedule of this stage plans engagement of 70 Elnos field employees, who, at the same time, shall perform the works on removing old and assembling new transmission line, installation of ducts and OPGW, as well as connection of transmission line to power.

Construction of new Hurva-Sege transmission line is one of the most significant energetic projects in Sweden for our company and our teams perform it together with partner company Linjemontage.

Let’s remind: new 400 kV transmission line Hurva-Sege shall replace an old 400 kV transmission line, which is at the end of its operation life. In the frame of this project, Elnos Group teams shall assemble 138 towers of wide spectrum in total, and we would like to set aside type towers weighing 55 tons and 55 meters high.

Total route of the modern Hurva-Sege transmission line shall be 42 kilometers long, and, in difference to the old one, it shall not cross a small town called Södra Sandby.