Project “Aqua” – mission to remember ended

News | March 5, 2021

The teams of the Elnos Group have completed the construction of three new substations that will be in the service of powering three new data centers of Microsoft. The world-class software giant will open the most modern data centers which will use fully renewable energy sources for operations, in the Swedish region of Gävleborg this year.

Since last April, our teams have made the best efforts, knowledge and successfully implemented works within the construction of three new 130 kV substations – Ersbo, Tuna, and Öby, with the common name “Aqua”.

The project Aqua was certainly one of the biggest challenges for Elnos Group teams in the year of the pandemic. Today, when our teams completed the project, we can say that we have once again successfully pushed the boundaries, with all previously done works so far in this country.

This project is a confirmation of our capability to perform, practically simultaneously, overall electrical installation works on three demanding 130 kV facilities.

Work began in April, during the height of the pandemic of Coronavirus. Then, despite almost complete blockage of European borders and airports, a special charter flight was arranged for transportation of our workers to Sweden, to start first work at SS Ersbo.

In June, work began on SS Tuna, and in August on SS Öby.

Our teams are assigned with a task to perform entire electrical installation works which implies the installation of primary and secondary equipment on the switchgear, followed by works on general installations in the control buildings and grounding works.

All three 130 kV substations consist of seven transformer and two transmission line bays, our teams perform the works in all bays.

Performance of works on installation of the equipment implies the installation of central portal steel structure, the steel structure for high voltage devices in the switchgear as well as installation of high voltage devices, connecting all primary high voltage lines and grounding of the structure and high voltage devices.

Installation of secondary equipment included the installation of protection and control cabinets in the control facility, installation of cable ducts, laying and installation of control cables and their connection to protection and control cabinets in the control facility as well as in cabinets of high voltage devices in the switchgear.

It is important to point out that our teams were also assigned with works related to the introduction of entire low voltage electrical installations in the substation control facilities.

The investor of the project is Vattenfall Eldistribution AB; the main contractor is Linjemontage i Grästorp AB.