Public lighting modernization in Prijedor has started

News | July 20, 2020

The teams of Elnos Banja Luka have started the realization of a large modernization project of public lighting in the city of Prijedor.

Within this project, the old lighting will be replaced by modern LED technology lamps. In the next five months, the entire territory of the city will be illuminated with almost 10,000 new LED lamps that will increase the level of illumination and reduce electricity consumption by 60 percent.

Our team’s work within this project includes the dismantling of old lamps and brackets, installation, and connection of new LED lamps to the public lighting system and, finally, the commissioning of the modernized part of the lighting system.

We are implementing the project with our resources and partner companies. The selected LED lighting was produced by our distributors, companies: LUG, Minel-Schréder, and Luminos. The lighting that is installed has premium quality with a lifespan of 100,000 working hours. The lamps are equipped with the most modern LED chips and drivers.

The works are performed according to the planned dynamics, through the engagement of several site teams at the same time helped by the mobile crane for work at height.

Upon completion of the project, the citizens of Prijedor will get more modern, more reliable, with higher quality, and more economical public lighting. The investor of the project is the city of Prijedor, and the main contractor of the project is Elnos Banja Luka.