SS Hageskruv – timely execution of works in South Sweden

News | August 19, 2022

A smooth execution in accordance with time schedule is what characterizes works being performed by our company on construction of a 400 kV substation Hageskruv, located in Småland, a region in South Sweden. Within respective project, we have been entrusted with execution of overall electrical assembly works on construction of a 400 kV substation.

Substation Hageskruv will play an important role in connecting several new wind farms to the power grid of the country.

Elnos team is performing electrical assembly works on 400 kV switchgear which has two line bays and one transformer bay with a double busbar system.

Our team is responsible for installation of steel structures and HV devices, construction of primary connections and grounding for the 400 kV facility.

We are also in charge of installation of control and protection cabinets, AC and DC sub-lines and secondary connections as well as for overall power installations of general consumption within the control room.

Investor on this project is company Svenska Kraftnät, while company Omexom Sverige is the main contractor. Project is to be completed in December this year.