The first project in the Netherlands

News | February 28, 2020

Teams of our Slovenian member Elektro novi sistemi began prepartions to perform electrical installation works at a new factory building companies “Calcit” that occurs near Terneuzen town, according to the agreed dynamics, works will be completed by April this year.

In the scope of this project they have to carry out activities of the energy supply of the factory that include installation of MV cables, installation of transformers, MV cells and LV cabinets, and all the works of connection, measurement and earthing facility.

The cabinets that teams Elektro novi sistemi installed, are the product of specific production in Elnos Bl electrical installation workshop.

For our Slovenian member, this project is a confirmation of trust to a customer, “Calicit” Slovenia, whom they have previously implemented several projects in their factory in Gospić.