The transition to renewable energy sources is the only option

News | May 21, 2021

Global demand for electricity from renewable sources is growing, and the transition of the energy sector from fossil to green sources has placed major demands in the region for the usage of modern technologies.

This is just one of the conclusions presented yesterday in the panel “Investment cycles – building new energy capacities” held as part of the first day of the Energy Summit SET-2021.

Elnos Group also took an active part in this panel, together with the highest representatives of the power companies of the entire region and the Secretariat of the Energy Community.

Marko Mijić, Board Member for Technical Affairs in Elnos Group, pointed out the rapid development of modern energy technologies imposes a very dynamic and accelerated tempo and that this trend must be followed.

“The inevitability of turning towards the production of electricity from renewable sources is unquestionable and that is the only right direction. We are a company that turned toward renewable energy sources in a futuristic way ten years ago. Hundreds of megawatts of installed green capacities are behind us, which unfortunately are mostly not in our country, but we are ready and wait for start up for the large RES projects here, said Mijić.

He pointed out that the fact that regional power companies are ready for changes in regulations, which have so far prevented an important energy transition, is certainly encouraging.

For the second year in a row, Elnos Group is a general sponsor of the second Energy Summit in Trebinje, which brought together leading energy experts from the region to promote new directions of energy development in the region.