We are building a new transmission line in Germany

News | May 12, 2022

Elnos teams are successfully carrying out works on the construction of a new two-system 380 kV transmission line Wahle-Mecklar 2 in Germany.

Our company’s skilled teams are currently carrying out electrical work on the six-kilometer-long section of the Wahle-Mecklar transmission line, where OPGW will be installed in the continuation of the project.

Within this project, our teams oversee all electrical installation works on the two-system 380 kV transmission line. It is interesting that 380 kV transmission lines are built with four conductors per phase, while in other markets where we are actively working, a maximum of three conductors are used per phase.

A special challenge during the work on this project is the work on the intersection with the temporary 110 kV transmission line, which was also built by our teams earlier. Namely, this 110 kV transmission line is charged during the implementation of works, which requires maximum precautions when performing work.

The new 380 kV Wahle-Mecklar transmission line will eventually connect the Wahle substation near Braunschweig with the Mecklar substation near Ludwigsau at a voltage level of 380 kV. The realization of this project will in the future contribute to security of supply and network stability in Germany.

The construction of this transmission line is an important step towards expanding the structure of the network itself in terms of increasing its capacity and increasing the amount of renewable energy in the network itself.

According to agreed dynamics, the deadline for the completion of the project is the beginning of October this year. The investor of the project is the German company “Tennet”, while the main contractor is the company ” Cteam-Group”.