We are constructing key power junction point in Sweden

News | December 24, 2021

In spite of winter conditions, our teams continued successful performance of project for constructing a new 130 kV Bergasjön substation in South part of Sweden.

Namely, this substation shall be key and the only junction point for connecting wind park Grönhult (70 MW) to electrical power network of this country.

New substation consists of two 130 kV transmission lines and two transformer bays. In the frame of the project, our teams are entrusted with performing activities of entire assembly and connecting equipment.

More precisely, our teams perform assembly of entire steel structure, switchers, grounding units, busbars, primary connections, and laying and connecting cables in entire substation.

Apart from this, our teams shall also perform assembly of cabinets for protection and control, connecting cables, assembly and connecting MV cells in entire substation, both on 130 kV and 30 kV voltage level.

Our teams perform tasks eagerly and efficiently in spite of circumstances complicated by COVID, as well as aforementioned harsh winter conditions.

This is another endeavor within which we continued affirming expertise in performance of important projects throughout Sweden.

We perform this project in partnership with company Omexom Sverige, whereas works deadline is May next year.