We reconstruct 15 substations in Montenegro

News | July 3, 2020

The beginning of the summer brought to our teams an intensive works continuation within one of the largest energy projects in Montenegro at one section through the country – the construction of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor.

As a part of this complex endeavor, Elnos Group has been entrusted reconstruction of the 15 substations throughout Montenegro.

The tasks include replacement of high voltage equipment, reconstruction of relay protection and control systems, systems reconstruction of own consumption and SCADA systems integration.

The realization of this project brought many challenges, for example, work in strictly defined disconnection phases the parts of the electricity distribution network, which practically means for our teams –works realization in several substations in parallel.

Elnos Group teams are currently carrying out operations in three 110/35 kV substations – SS Herceg Novi, SS Ulcinj, and SS Bar. More precisely, works are in progress in 110 kV junction field of SS Herceg Novi, in the 110 kV and 35 kV transformer T2 field of SS Ulcinj and the 110 kV and 35 kV transformer T1 field of SS Bar. In all the above fields, we are implementing reconstructions of the relay protection systems and system our own consumption, replacement of power and signal cables, and replacement of cabinets for own consumption.

It is important to point out that this project is being implemented with the highest safety measures because the substations are in operation during the works performing.

Reconstruction of 15 substations in Montenegro is part of the second phase of the Trans-Balkan Corridor project in Montenegro. The main benefits of this subproject are the safer and more reliable facility operating, i.e. reduction of the number and duration of unplanned power outages.

Further, new high-voltage equipment means age extending of the main elements of the transmission network, i.e. reducing maintenance costs.

The investor of the project is the Montenegrin Transmission System – CGES, and the main contractor is a consortium: Siemens Belgrade, Siemens Podgorica, Elnos BL Belgrade, and Siemens AG Austria.


The region energy future project

This project is part of a larger initiative from the Connecting Agenda – Trans-Balkan Corridor, which will connect Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro with a 400 kV transmission line. Through the HVDC interconnection MONITA these countries from 2022, will be energy connected with Italy.