What does the energy transition bring us?

News | April 26, 2022

“The readiness for regulatory changes that have so far prevented an important energy transition is increasingly felt, and Elnos Group is looking forward to launching large RES projects in the domestic market,” said Marko Mijic, Elnos Group Board Member for Technical Affairs within the panel “What does the energy transition bring us” held within the fifth Jahorina Economic Forum 2022.

He pointed out that Elnos Group is the initiator of energy development, and that thanks to the experience so far and the realized investments, we can bring the most modern technical solutions and innovations in this field to our country.

The world is rapidly turning to clean renewable energy sources. The transition of the energy sector from fossil to green sources has placed great demands on accelerating the use of modern technologies. Entering an era in which energy will come from renewable sources, the demand for new technologies is growing rapidly.

“The rapid development of modern energy technologies imposes a very dynamic and accelerated pace that must be followed,” said Mijic.

The panelists agreed that there will be a great investment momentum in renewable energy sources, but also that an understanding of the Energy Community is needed in defining the dynamics of how the energy transition will be implemented.

Elnos Group is traditionally one of the sponsors of the forum, which brought together more than 400 domestic and foreign businessmen, financial experts, academics, university professors, officials of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and representatives of the diplomatic corps. At the center of this year’s forum discussion are “Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities”.