Wind park Krivača launches operations

News | May 16, 2024

The first wind park in Eastern Serbia has been launched. The Krivača Wind Park (103 MW) will annually produce 310 GWh, sufficient to power 75,000 households. For two years, we have been a proud part of this project. Our teams were responsible for the construction of a series of electrical facilities that enabled the wind park to be connected to the 110 kV power grid.

More precisely speaking, Elnos Group teams were engaged as the main contractor for Balance of Plant (BoP) – i.e. road infrastructure, and Connection Works (CW) – i.e. connection of the wind park to the power distribution network in the first and the second phase of the project. This implied the construction of 13 kilometers of roads, the 33/110 kV transformation facility for the Krivača wind park, the 110 kV connection and distribution plant (CDP Krivača), the expansion of two existing 110/35 kV substations Veliko Gradište and Neresnica, the construction of two 110 kV transmission lines, as well as laying 10 kV cable to provide power supply for own consumption of 110 kV (CDP).

We are pleased to highlight that at the peak of the project, 100 of our workers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia were involved.

Wind park Krivača is the first wind park in Serbia to be built south of the Sava and Danube rivers. Located just six kilometers from the Đerdap Gorge and the Romanian border, it spans 242 hilly hectares of the Braničevo District. The wind park comprises 22 wind turbines each with a nominal capacity of 4,8 MW.