Working during pandemic-Elnos Group’s projects active in eight countries

News | April 7, 2020

Elnos Group has successfully adjusted to the work conditions at the global level, which today primarily dictate the spread of a pandemic virus COVID 19.

Applying and respecting a series of security measures and safety of the highest level, followed Intercompany rules and regulations of the countries where we operate, Elnos Group teams have successfully continued the implementation of projects in eight countries.

In Sweden, a country where we over the years successfully confirm  our expertise, currently perform our part in the projects SS Aqua and 400 kV transmission line Doshult, while we are at Iceland continued construction of a new 220 kV transmission line Kröflulína 3, our current largest project in the field of transmission lines assembly of this country.

We are especially proud of the fact that our teams just arrived at the site to start the performing of electrical installation works on the factory facility of “Calcit”, otherwise this is the first Elnos Group project at the Dutch address.

In addition, we actively continue the construction of the double-circuit 380 kV transmission line Audorf -Flensburg, our first projects in Germany.

In Serbia, we currently perform a wide works in the field of contact networks and within this projects reconstruction of Belgrade’s Sava Square and recontruction the line Jajinci-Mala Krsna, also in this country are currently active our works on SS 110 / 35kV Uzice 2 and  SS 110/35 / 10 kV Loznica.

In Slovenia works continued on switching facilities 400/110 kV Cirkovce and 400/110 kV Divača and in Montenegro are undergoing works of construction of 110 kV transmission line Mrke Podgorica.

For us as a company, which has always lived with the community in which we operate, has an especially importance current participation in the project of adaptation and reconstruction of the old surgery hospital in Banja Luka for accepting new cases of coronavirus.

At the market of the Republic of Srpska, we also continued to execute the works of modernization of LV and MV power grid as part of our contract with “Elektrokrajina”.

By the maximum effort in order to eliminate all working risks in the current circumstances because of pandemic, we believe that with responsible behavior as soon as possible will return standard working conditions and business activities.